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tapir love equals this post...

i've been in europe for the past month, and while here i've either been traveling to random countries or studying animal anatomy at the zoo. while i was there today i just fell head over heels in LOVE (and seriously, i mean love) with TAPIRS. all day i've been babbling about them, so excited. i had seen pictures of them before but, my god, were they adorable in real life!!! if you don't know what they are, look them up on google (baby tapirs are the CUTEST!)

and yes, even though it hasn't seemed like it so far, this post has to do with pokemon collecting... did you guys know... DROWZEE IS A TAPIR. i came home, and started sketching them and thought 'hm, maybe phanpy or donphan are based off tapirs? no no no, they're elephant pokemon...' and then BAM. DROWZEE! i always have thought drowzee was adorable. such a cute and stout body shape, and cute little nose. but yes. although it's not related to fire pokemon, i'm going to start a mini drowzee side collection because, well, tapirs are amazing, and drowzee merch doesn't seem to be too expensive or overwhelming to collect (competition-wise) so here i go c: 

so, to start, i've compiled a little wants list of drowzee stuff i'm looking for. hopefully you all have the cards for cheap, as i know they aren't rare and most are quite old. atm, i can't purchase super expensive fire pokemon plush, but i CAN buy my little psychic tapirs :):):)

Drowzee Wants - Small
EDIT: i found the two cards in the first row in my boyfriend's binder of cards, so i don't need them anymore 

aside from cards, the figure-ish things i'm looking for are the BK plush, tomy, charm, kid and the zukan figure, also! 

let me know if you guys have anything! and be prepared for a final and cheap sales post after i get back from europe
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