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all the things

SOOOOOO!!! My name is Sam.  I started watching this group about a month ago....and Ive been collecting only a few things here and there mostly because my mom comes down on me hard about buying toys and not saving money............ BUT NOT ANYMORE *dances* lolol

I dont wanna go too crazy buying BUT i probably will :3 My favorite pokemon are Vaporeon and the Gardevoir/Gallade Family

Lol i literally just took these pictures...i was looking at the background i had two large posters there that I was meaning to take down for a while.....and i tore them down today once I realized they were ruining my photo :3 haha im probably gonna fill the space with perler.  My boyfriend and I are crafters, well im more a crafter he's a perler machine (perler=beadsprites,hama everyone calls it different things) and I make plush and buttons and sculptures and all kinds of things.  We hope to get enough feedback to eventually start selling our things :3 I think theres a link to our facebook group with pictures of our conventions on my livejournal o.0 i dont know if im allowd to post the link so yea....thats all....

on a side note

im looking for suicune and chikorita things (not crazy expensive maybe 30$ and under) to fill a giant box for my boyfriends birthday...which is in december haha so i have time :3

and for me I WANT A GALLADE PLUSH DX and a cincinno...i love chinchillas i have one myself :P

EDIT: did anyone see my massive pictures XP lol tried to fix that as fast as possible

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