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An...interesting new get!

Good news, everyone! *insert Futurama reference here*

Haha annnyways...I stopped at my favorite comic store over in Berkley, MI today, and I found something strange in amongst the talking Pokemon figures behind the glass case. But there's some mystery to this.



*gasp* Woah! A wrinkly mew shirt, and just my size!

...Well, that's actually not the mystery to be honest, as I see Pokemon T-shirts floating around just about everywhere. It's the Pokeball that has captured my attention...lookie here.


I have seen this obnoxious logo on a few of my Mario series plush as well, and while searching on the internet I have seen absolutely 100% nothing about this Pokeball, (or my Bowser plush for that matter...), or this company in the slightest, so does anyone own any Pokemon-related merchandise from this company? I'm really wondering if the company still exsists, because doesn't bring up anything.

If anyone knows where this could've come from, I'd really appreciate it.

Now I know this isn't really a proper gets post, so one shall come your way in the future B) But for now, toodles!

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