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Introduction, Collection Pictures, and a Question

This is a multipurpose post if I've ever seen one, oh well.

Hello there, I am Vinnvonn or Vinn, whatever you wanna call me!  I'm FINALLY getting around to doing an introduction post on here.  I've been an actual member for like.. 6 months I believe?  Whatever, too long without introducing myself is more like it! I am a Media Arts and Animation student and I love Pokemon to pieces.  I never thought to do focused collections until my friend introduced me to this place a while back.  And then my Pokemon collection kinda exploded from then.  I used to just have misc stuff, a handful of figures and a pile of plushies.  Now I have more focused collections.  I don't have huge, awesome collections like some of y'all, but I'm aspiring to be there one day. I'm also planning on doing a site sometime, but for now I just have general pictures. :D

I collect: Giratina, Audino, Porygon line, Maractus, Cacturne, Roserade line, Bonsly, Toxicroak line, Victini, Jirachi, and I want to start collection Heatmor and Genesect (when they start making stuff of it).  (Varying levels of commitment, half of them are more casual collections.)

It's a Preview

Pictures under the cut (IMAGE HEAVY!)

The whole thing! Well.. part of it
Area 1

There's the rest! :D
Area 2

All sorts of flats
Annnd close up of the flats area.  Not all of them though, I ran out of card holders. :I

Annnndd, close ups. c:
First off, my Giratina baby.  Tina's my biggest collection and one of my most favorite.

Coba is a grump butt
Surrounded by brats

Tina and his drinfloon posse
Tina and my baby Drifloons, I love that figure though 

Tina Lina Bo Bina
Figures part 1. There's some double kids for re-painting.

Fee Fi Fo Fina, Tiiinnaaa
Figures part 2. Yeah the Roserade is in there on purpose. Character based stuff.  Also, I want more chou gets for Giratina.  ALL OF THEM.

STILL trying to get alll the Tina cards
All my cards I have thus far.  I'm still hunting after the missing ones and I'm gonna be searching for the new EX and full art card ones in the new packs coming out.

Some customs
The bead sprite is by someone else, the card is by me of my Giratina Gijinka.

Kay now some of the misc ones
Cutie butts
The Victini in back got damaged by my dog. B(  So she's all war torn.  Also, the bootleg Victini is dubbed VOCTUNI, it's stare is the thing of nightmares.

The extra kids are for shiny re-painting.  There needs to be more Maractus stuff D:

Another one of my fav collections

Techno babies
Just started collecting my techno babies, so it's tiny. xD

Pretty flowers uwu
Casual Roserade Collection.

Puffy Cheeks
The collection is meant to be mostly Toxicroak based, but there is so little of him. D:  So there's some Croagunk in there too.
Side note: I'm after either of the Croagunk/Toxicroak zukans if anyone's selling. :v

BONSLY.  Idk why I collect it.  But I only collect crying ones. >:I

My southern bulls
My itty bitty Tauros collection.  Poor underloved bulls they are. ;u;

Jeeze that was more images than I thought it would be, I also need to dust.  Oh well.  Shout out to everyone on here I've bought from, most of this stuff is from here, I've just not kept track of what I bought from who!  Well, anyways, thanks for looking and being such an awesome community! :D

Also, I had a question for all ya collectors, why do you collect the Pokemon you do?  Do you just like it? Nostalgia? From a team?  Character based?  I'm really curious!  Almost all of my collections are based from gijinka characters of mine or my Friend's, with the exception of Bonsly, that was a spur of the moment thing.
Tags: audino, bonsly, cacturne, collection, croagunk, giratina, maractus, tauros, toxicroak
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