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Eeveelution, Mew, and other small figures auction! Plus sales update 8D

Today I have a bunch of random items for auction @v@;

*Updated* Auction ended! ouo/ Will calculate the totals for everyone tomorrow, need to sleep now |D
end at Wednesday, 22th August at 11:59 pm (Hong Kong time/GMT+8)! It's about Wednesday afternoon in the US timezone.
No sniping and backing out bids please >v>;
Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011! My feedback thread is here.
Also I ship from Hong Kong, so shipping+fee starts at around $1.5-2.5 for these lightweight stuff~
Click here or the cut below to go bidding ouo/

Eeveelutions! Flareon and Jolteons are Full Color Stadium/battle Museum figures.
Umbreon is a chou get, and Espeon is a...broken pencil topper? @v@; Please keep in mind that Espeon can't stand by its own.
They all start at $4 each!

Eevee clipping figure! (Thanks for chaosoftwilight for the identification) It's being tickled? xD (Audino for size reference) Starts at $4!

Some random Mew stuff I got |D They are a bit used as seen in the photos.
Starting all of these at $2 each!

Dittos! They are full color advance figures too! Starts at $4 each.

Drifloon, Absol, Flygon and Budew are Pokemon Full color Advance figures! (Clear Budew just for size reference)
Drifloon and Budew starts at $3, and Absol and Flygon starts at $5~

Gyarados and Wailord figures! The Wailord is a pencil topper I think, but I have no idea for Gyarados >v>;
Wailord starts at $3, and Gyarados starts at $2~

Super tiny Charmander and Dragonite figures! Charmander's flame is clear part *u*
These starts at $2 each too!

Arcaine and Vulpix are Full Color Stadium/battle Museum figures again, and Growlithe is an in-case figure missing its case |D (Thanks remderosier for the identification!)
These fire canines all starting at $2 each!

Typhlosion, Totodile and Phanpy minicots! Starts at $2 each~

Shaymin land forme stamp! It ran out of ink though |D Starting this at $2.

A bunch of purple ghosts xDD (Drifloon kid for size reference only)
I think the two larger Mismagius are chou gets (thanks for zugagirl for the identification!), and the smaller one is keshipoke? Genger is a clipping figure too, just missing its base ;v; (Thanks for luna_miez and poprock_grey for the identifications!) Starting all of these at $1 each~!

If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)

I've updated my sales post as well! Including newest zukans and Pachirisu/Emolga mini coin purses and lots of random figures~
I've updated it with lower prices for almost all old items as well >|D
Click here or the preview pic below to the sales!
Please noticed that I'm currently offline though, will reply all of these when I got back from work (which is, around 8am in the US timezone |D)

By the way, I am still looking for a Wartortle Play by Play plush! (Finally got the Rotom Throw plush |D)
Tags: absol, auction, budew, ditto, drifloon, eevee, emolga, espeon, flareon, flygon, giratina, growlithe, jolteon, mantyke, meloetta, mew, mismagius, pachirisu, phanpy, pikachu, raichu, rotom, sandshrew, shaymin, swellow, totodile, turtwig, typhlosion, umbreon, vulpix, wailmer, wobbuffet
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