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A couple of (somewhat odd?) requests~

1. Does anyone have an Ivysaur plush they want to sell me? I do have an Ivysaur of my own, but I like it... one of my close friends is leaving for overseas in about three weeks, and moving interstate as soon as she gets back to Australia ;o; Ivysaur is her favourite Pokémon, so I'd really like to get her a plush before she goes. If I can't get another one, I'll give her mine, but I thought I'd try here first (eBay was not helpful).

2. (this one's the odd one) Does anyone have a Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss zukan base they'd like to trade/sell? My Togekiss zukan is on a Burmy/Mothim base, and, well, it's kind of grating at me. XD

Also, I have finally updated my shop shoppip - all the stuff from my recent sales posts is there, and I've added a bunch more stuff I found in my room too. I've dropped the prices on every card too - please help me clear my debts! (currently at ~$400 ;o;) All prices are negotiable~
Tags: sales, wanted
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