Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Fell in love with Kid figures... want

So I got this Growlithe kid in the mail today, and I do have the clear vappy and falreon kids, however, this growlithe really appealed to me. Like.. a lot. So, I think I'm in love... I have a few wants...min
Attack Minccino kid! He needs to be mine... If anyone has him, please let me know. However, please be aware that I am going to college on the 2nd. I will need him to be held until I safely move in because: I always send my packages to my boyfriends, however, he is leaving this saturday, therefore, I have nowhere to send my package D= I can't send it to my house because my step dad will freak out. So I'm going to need it sent to my college once I get my mailbox and everything set up. Thanks!!

I also need this whimsicott figure in my life!!! It's jut too adorable.

Neithe kid figure have to be in the box, I really only care about the figure itself <3 Thanks! I'm looking for the cheepest I can possibly get for these guys, since I don't want to starve in college haha. I may/may not be able to afford them right this moment, depends on the price

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