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Le GA of Friendship :3


GA Rules

graywrabbit and I have decided to do a Ichiban Kuji Mini Pokedoll Figure GA~

graywrabbit has prior GA experience, and will be the bidder/shipper/payment collector.
-He was granted sales permission by aleyina on 8/8/12
-His feedback is here:
-I will be posting/making the threads, and making sure everyone sends payment on time!
-My Feedback is here:

-Croagunk will be claimed by him for 10$, and I will be claiming Meowth for 10$, and we'll both go higher if needed.

graywrabbit will be bidding through SMJ (Shopping Mall Japan).
-Which means there will be three payments: the first being your bid + fees, the second will be shipping from the deputy service to him, and the third is shipping from him to you.
graywrabbit is located in the U.S.
-Shipping would start around $2.50.

- DO NOT snipe bidding.
- DO NOT bid within 5 minutes of the auction's end will increase the time for that thread by another 5 minutes.
-Payment 1 is due within 48 hours.
-Each figure starts at $3.
- Bid in increments of $1.
-The auction will end on Monday, 8/27 20:38
-Timer here: Please Do Not Bid Until All Threads Are Up! Friendly friends The threads are up! Go on and bid!!!

Edit: Fixed the cut :D
Tags: croagunk, figures, group auction, pikachu, piplup, psyduck, torchic
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