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Rotom Sales, Spinda auction/offer, and Pokedolls!

Hey pkmncollectors! Long time no see! I've been busy at a new job, but sadly that job has ended (though it was pretty awesome). So with my return to this com, I bring you my entire rotom collection up for grabs! As a preview, I can tell you that there's rotom: chou gets, the jakks figure, bromides, and battrios!

~Paypal Only! I will not take cash, COD, or e-checks
~I do ship internationally! 
~If you're interested in an item, ask for a quote first
~I am open to haggling, especially if you buy a lot of stuff. (but of course, please be reasonable...)
~I don't mind doing holds, but I won't do them for more than 24 hours. If you don't respond by that time, it will go back up the proceeding day
~Please allow for up to ONE WEEK for me to ship items out. I'll usually ship things on Fridays and Mondays and I typically make a shipping post to let you know when your items are on the way
~I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR ITEM IS LOST OR DAMAGED IN THE MAIL. I will make sure to send the package as securely as possible, but we are all at the mercy of USPS. If you'd like your package shipped a certain way then let me know and i'll see what I can do

Sneak Peak

Click the cut to go!

Rotom Zukans
$8 for Regular/Frost/Fan
$17 for Heat/Wash/Mow
take both for $20

Rotom Chou get
$4 for silvers
$6 for regulars

Rotom Keshipoke
$11 each

Rotom Kids
$4 each

Rotom Jakks
Cant remember the value on this so he will be up for offers
Offers start at $6

Rotom Tomy
Cant remember the value on this so he will be up for offers
Offers start at $4

Rotom Battrio
$6 each except the quick ball rotom which is $9

Rotom Bromides
$6 each (some are stacked because I have doubles)

All are japanese release and have their hangtags attached
Each member of the trio is $25 (or the whole set for $69)
Timburr is $20

Spinda Pokedoll (no hang tag)
Taking offers on this little treasure of mine
Offers start at $25

Tags: cards, cobalion, figures, jakks, kids, pokedolls, rotom, spinda, terrakion, timburr, tomy, virizion
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