Darcy Fremd (papaiyacoffee) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Darcy Fremd

Itty bitty update, question, and some wants! :D

Hi everyone~<3 

This is a small update of items I got in the mail from payments long due. 


I went to Northgate and bought the Dialga and Squirtle pokedolls (since Giratina was sold out), and now I just need Charmander!
I've started up the Monthly Pikachu plush, they're even better than I imagined! And Apmhy is SO cute!

I am hoping to one day slowly trim my collections, but as of now, here's this small picture. ;w;

Now, for questions. Does anyone still take orders for the Banpresto I <3 Eevee and the new DX I <3 Pikachu items?

(All the plush shown above)

Also, still looking for the Fire walky Wallet for around 25.00$.


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