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Last Year College Weeding Auction

Hey guys. This is my last year in the college. Being willing or not, I have to say farewell to all the collections I have had so far. So I turn to your help guys, you are the best people I have made here and I believe you would take great care of them. I will make this post easy and let the auction BEGIN!

Items Condition:
All plushies are in excellent conditions. That means no stain, no dust, and of course no damage.
Weavile, Altaria, and Large Celebi (you name it) have both their tush tags and hang tags attached.
Flareon, Dragonite, Dialga, Espeon, and Treecko have only their tush tags.

Adding some info. for reference use:
Weavile, 2005, Velboa, Japan release
Altaria, 2005, Velboa, USA release
Flareon, 2008, Minky, Japan release, Promotion item in Eevee Collection
Dragonite, 2009, Minky, Japan release
Treecko, 2008, Minky, Japan release, Promotion item in 10th Anniversary
Espeon, 2009, Canvas plush, Japan release, Promotion item in Eevee Collection
Dialga, 2010, Minky, USA release
Celebi, 2010, approx. 50cm in length, Japan release

Please send your Paypal payment to:

Shipping & Fees:
  • Customers from all over the world are welcome. But adding an insurance for international shipping could cost a lot. Keep that in mind if want to do so.
  • First-class mail. Free shipping and fees!
Countdown timer for your convenience


25 USD

Weavile: 25 USD   Flareon: 35 USD   Dragonite: 55 USD   Dialga: 20 15 USD   Altaria: 65 USD   Espeon: 90 USD   Celebi: 35 USD

New Picture:

There has been a long time from making a sale post. Please let me know if I have missed anything in the Q&A part.

Please wait before I make a bidding thread.

Sales permission by denkimouse on 01/28/2011 (if I remember it right)

*Old feedbacks to be viewed*
*New feedbacks to be left HERE!*
Tags: altaria, celebi, dialga, dragonite, flareon, pokedolls, treecko, weavile
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