hammiekia (hammiekia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Suicunes~ <3

Hello there, fellow Collectors! Just a quick wants post. I'm going to a con soon, and my cosplay is Eusine. I have decided that, to make my cosplay better, I need some more Suicune merch! C:

I'm really not sure of prices, so feel free to just offer things. <3 Hang tags would be nice, but aren't needed. Same thing for tush tags.
I'm really not interested in the Pokedoll unless I can get it for under $15 shipped.
I have the Old Banpresto Suicune plush, but I'm interested in any others. C:

I'm really not to interested in getting any flats or figures, but if I don't get any plush I'd love to buy some charms and straps~ I only have the Shiny Suicune charm right now, so I'd be interested in any other ones. I've seen the charms go for $10 so maybe somewhere around there?

Oh, and used/good quality is fine with me. C: They don't have to be in perfect condition. Even if they have holes in the seams or something~

Tags: charms, plush, suicune, wanted
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