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Collection update and sales! :U

Back with a collection update and some sales!!

(oops! forgot the pictures of my whole collection. Added!)

AHHHH. AH. YOU GUYS. AH. HE'S BEAUTIFUL. ;A; sfjbdogbg This is my custom chibi (doll-style?) Gatr by cwinget.
Worth. Every. Penny.

There are just. No words.

Everything about him is perfect! All of the details are machine-embroidered on, and he's around 6" (maybe a little over)
The eyes, teeth, and cloth are made of felt, and the teeth are glued down :>

He's just ;A; so perfect. <3 If you were thinking about commissioning cwinget, you definitely should! Every step of the process was discussed and planned out, she asked for my opinion etc about each thing, and she doodled out ideas. She also took pictures of the fabrics and showed examples of different styles of eyes she could do, etc, to help me decide.

On top of all of that, she was super friendly and even shared some sewing tips to help me improve!
It was all around the best commission I've had. :>

All of my custom Gatrs! (left to right, made by-- lyndsaygorawr, cwinget, raikourai, aand cwinget forever ago)

Next up-- random shirt I found on ebay! It has official Pokemon and Nintendo licensed tags, so it is official. But what a random mix of  pokemon! (well, somewhat, anyway) Like.. WHY are Feraligatr and Typhlosion even in there!?
I'm not complaining, there are apparently more Feraligatr clothes than I thought out there!

GRAIL. GRAIL. AHH. :U Feraligatr phone strap!
I have questioned for a long time if this was even official merchandise, because it is a little herp-a-derp.

BUT It did come with inserts that would indicate it is official, and it has the Nintendo information imprinted on its tail! But that's not all--

(other side!) caffwin found him in a gachapon machine, in Canada. She drove an hour and a half and tried 16 times before she could get one for me. ;A; I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS <3
It was so super sweet of her to go out of her way like that. But it being in a machine (with a machine marquee/insert as well) just helps prove that it is official!
Thank you so much for doing all that for me, caffwin, U DA BEST. ;w; <33
Side note-- Should I paint his belly, you guys? (the V is on there, but it's not yellow)

All of everything except other customs :T All cards are in the yellow card book

Top shelf :>

First actual shelf :>

2nd shelf :U <3

Bottom shelf. :o (need to get rid of all those random extras down there of croconaws and totodiles that I don't collect lololol)

THIS LITTLE CUTIE. AH. This was made by foureyedalien. She was auctioning it, and though I don't collect Sunflora, I had to have it ;o; LOOK AT IT. <3
And pictures really don't do it justice. It's so detailed and nice in person. Everything about it is wonderful and so well done <3


Aaaand  Tangela collection is coming right along too :U I think this is actually everything I have right now. But it's also all stuff I got in the past couple weeks. Just.. look at his shoes. And you will understand. <3

New Eggs! I actually got 2 of the metal swing keychain and put the other one on my DS :] I love Exeggutor's faces! <3

FCS figures!(?) I think they're the unofficial ones.. but. still. Does anyone have any FCS bases for sale? :> I need 3!

THIS IS SO COOL. I found this on Ebay for cheap :U and it's in PERFECT condition!
It would even fit me, but I haven't decided if I should wear it or not. It has Exeggutor AND Tangela on it! So it was win-win for me.

Cacnea settei! I am still pretty new to collecting Cacnea. (I'm noticing all of my side collections are grass type mostly.. <.<)
and oddly enough, I found this rather quickly. Yet I have only seen one Feraligatr settei in 3 years. Wat.

Here's another Cacnea Settei. and I actually have one more featuring attacks that's on the way from sui_kune (that'll be in the next update)
By the way, you guys.. what ARE settei exactly? Are they just photo-copies of production sketches or what?
I mean, they're kind of rare, but they're not original production artwork, so it's a little weird how that works.

Clear cacnea kid! Thanks so much to myprettysoldier for parting with it for me :D It's GORGEOUS in person. I love the soft green <3. and to the right there is the Zukan piece from raz2b :> So tiny!~

Blitzle pokedoll! I don't collect Blitzle, but I do sort of side-collect pokedolls, and I didn't have any gen V dolls yet. It was hard to decide which one I should get, cause I wasn't a huge fan of any of them so far. But this is just ADORABLE. I also like the Japanese dolls for their tags <3 (I usually cut tags off, but I always keep them)

So this isn't really a collection update. Buuut. I do LOVE getting drawings and thank you notes when I buy stuff :D and these are just too cute! (the one on the left is by methuselah31010 and the one on the right is by zoruaplush)
(btw zoruaplush-- I'm PMing you about your purchase!)

Just so you guys know, I do keep ALL of the drawings I get. I have a special sketchbook type thing that I glue them into so I can look at them over and over :D I love seeing all the different styles and personalities in everyone's art! <3

Package art is good too! Though it's bitter-sweet because then I can't be cheap and re-use the mailer. LOL I still love these!
The one on the left is by foureyedalien and the cacnea is by gappamaki(I think? <.<) :]

That just about does it for now ^^

Now onto sales!!

1. I ship from the US to anywhere
2. Paypal only please (if you can't use paypal, explain your situation and I will see about it. case-by-case)
3. Pet friendly but smoke free home!
4. Haggling is welcome
5. I ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays most weeks!
6. Sales permission renewed by entirelycliched April 2012
7. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages, if you are worried about it-- please request delivery confirmation or insurance and I will add it to your total.

$4 except Sawk and Throh who are $2 each (take them away, please.)

More kids! These are $4 each as well except Keldeo who is $5,

New kids! $6 each except Ferrothorn and Cryagonal who are $4

Clipping figuurres. $5 each

Suicune and Deoxys-- $3
Torchic-- $2
Ivysaur-- $1

Croconaw BK gameboy toy-- $1
Totodile BK gameboy flat thing-- $1 (or take both for $1)
Clear unofficial Croconaw Tomy-- $4

(sorry for the shadow! I couldn't find any other way to do this :l)
Coins! $2 each

More coins! $4 each

Dratini and Mewtwo-- $5   Butterfree- $3        Registeel (x2)-- $5 each
Sentret- $8                      Pignite-- $3
Ledian- $4                       Pichu- $2

0.50 cents each or 3 for $1. Take them away!

$1.50 each

$2.50 each

Gengar Play By Play plush, in mint condition with tags-- $15 OBO

Mint Japanese Riolu pokedoll with tags-- $25 OBO

PS: Most packages from my last sales were shipped last Friday, the rest were shipped yesterday. Sorry for delays, there have been terrible storms here lately. Thanks for understanding!

That's it! Thanks for looking!!

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