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Long Over Due Collection Update/Sales Plug/Small Auctions

Wow! I kept putting up this update for such a long time xD Okay so first I had all my pictures take and read... And then.. This amazing GA came up! You probably saw it, it was the Beastly GA! At first I wasn't going to let my self bid, bu then the Enties looked so sad ;a; And I ended up bidding. So I waited until they got here. They did. BUT IT WAS PUT OFF AGAIN DX This time becasue before I was just putting them on little minature shelves but now with some of the bigger ones it didn't fit SO I finally found a lovely wooden cabnent and now they have a home x3


Thanks again for the amazing GA!


-Granted Sales permission by allinia ^^ 8/8/12
-Feedback is here
Other feedback can be found here (My personal journal, GSJ, and eBay.)
-I ship from the US (53589) and will ship world wide.
-I take paypal only.
-I am not responsible for lost/stolen/or damaged packages. 
-Please let me know if you would like other pictures.
-I live in a smoke free environment but I do have two dogs and two cats. (Although they don't really lay on my pokemon collection, but you know...)
-Prices do not include shipping. Please feel free to request a quote though.
-Please send payment within a reasonable time. I know the internet and technology can be a pain in general so if I don't hear back in a few days I'll check up on you.
Standard community anti-sniping rules apply. If a bid is placed within the last 5 min of an auction end time it adds 5 min to that end time, as does each additonal bid. Once 5 min have passed with no bids, the current highest bidder is the winner
-Prices are in USD.
-The Auction will end September 4th at 8:00 PM Central time zone. Count Down Here (haha I always wanted to try a count down thing *shot*) So that gives you around ten days!
-This auction doesn't have a BIN sorry :/

Giant Blastoise Play by Play Plush: Starts at $20
It's condition is very good actually! It's stiching seems to be holding well although it's cannons are looking a bit drewpy. His eyes aren't too bad. Finger/Claws/Toes are a bit bent but still look fine.

Sales Plug! I will combine shipping with the items in this auction. ^^ 

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