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Hi Everyone!

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

I'm officially pulling myself out of the kind of Pokemon collecting hiatus I went on this summer. Things got really busy for me. Especially because of this little guy - click for cute puppy pics! that I got about 2 months ago.

ANYWAY! My reason for posting today is that I'm looking to expand my Houndour/Houndoom collection. I was going to wait until deciding what items from my collection I'm going to put up for sale (so I can offer them for trades), but I got impatient. ^^; So, if you're willing to trade anything and have a wishlist, let me know and I'll take a look. I'm primarily looking to trade especially with the more expensive and for flat items, but I may purchase some times.

I'm also looking for Houndour/Houndoom collection pics since I'm not entirely sure what merchandise is available of them.

My Current Collection
- Not mint Houndour tomy figure
- Mint Houndoom tomy figure
- Houndour candy figure (looks like tomy figure but a little bigger)
- Both Houndoom kid figures
- Houndour kid figure
- One Houndoom kid sticker (is there another one?)
- Houndoom v-trainer
- Random Houndoom vs Pikachu (if I remember correctly) card-thing (it was a tag for a Pikachu keychain)
- Houndour vs Pikachu (from happyjolteon's sales here - http://happyjolteon.livejournal.com/49652.html#cutid1 )
- Amada stickers (from happyjolteon's sales here - http://happyjolteon.livejournal.com/50766.html) first, third, and fourth Houndoom. Second and third Houndour.
- Houndour pin
- One Topps card of each
- Houndour/Houndoom charms from new charm release (don't need old ones unless different pose)
- Houndoom Pokemon League patch
- Misc Houndoom stationary (includes other Pokemon...I think Lugia and Tyranitar included)

Things I know I'm missing/wanting
- TCG:
Skyridge - non-RH
Will also look at any RH or foreign language Houndours.
Aquapolis - Holo
Aquapolis v2
Unseen Forces to replace my non-mint one
Team Magma's Houndoom
Dark Houndoom PRERELEASE
Will also look at any RH or foreign language Houndooms.
- Houndour Pokedoll
- Houndour Mascot plush
- Zukan figures
- The rest of the Amada stickers
- DX Tomy Houndour
- MINT Houndour tomy
- Houndoom tomy for repainting
- Houndour Pokedoll charm
- Hasbro flame launching Houndour

PLEASE NOTE: For TCG trades, I am currently on vacation and do not have my duplicate cards with me (except for Dragons Exalted), so any trades involving older cards will have to be put on hold until I return home (which should be before this weekend.

Non-Hound TCG wants (needs to be slightly updated due to recent trades) - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/12965155.html

I'm also looking for merchandise of James and Jesse (collection photos or sales). I don't have much merchandise for them yet.

Thank you
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