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A mystery I need solved

I'm a huge fan of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, and to add to my Pokeplush love, I wanted to look for Grovlye. I used to be indifferent to him, but now I really love him as a result. Thing is, even though I know his plush exists, I can't find him anywhere.... ;__;

When I did a search on google though, I found this company, Snaptoys. Here, they're offering this Grovyle plush...

It's so awesome, I want it! But after looking around the site, I had the hunch that this site operates a little differently. My hunch is that they manufacture these plushes in large numbers and then ship them to sellers who will sell them. I tried emailing them asking about this, and inquiring if there was a way I could purchase just one. But no response.

This site also makes Pokeplushes of Pokemon I havent seen in doll form, like Vigoroth.
...Vigoroth? Seriously.

Even still, Grovyle has been high on my wantlist for a good time now. What can anyone find out about this site? And was I right about its style of operation? And if I can't get him, is anyone offering Grovy? D:


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