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Collection Update

I was made to do the shopping today which is usually boring as hell. But as I realized I'd forgotten the pancakes and went back I passed by the stuffed toys.

"Why on earth does that bear look like a munchlax?"

"Oh....that's why"
They had pokeball plushies! All the Sinnoh starters, Pikachu, Manaphy and Munchie :3 (more pictures under cut, image heavy)
They also had some gacha balls from the Palkia edition so I grabbed three. Got home to open them and ended up with a Sudowoodo line and 2 Mr Mime lines. Bleh. I hate not being able to see whats inside. I wanted any BUT those two >.<

Munchie and Manaphy (Disregard Kirby in the backround XD) <3

Munchie Folded

Manaphy folded. Pokeball with legs XD

My brothers collection of muscle

Yeah...not so huge considering there's a lot of merchandise out there. I've just been to busy impulse buying to worry about it though

More Meiji Promos (sorry for crappy quality) The bad thing is the site I bought them off doesn't have them anymore. They do have  Japanese mouth mask things though, Pikachu style.

There's also a lot of plushies we have now but I can't take photos as they are scattered from one end of the house to the other. I think I'll wait til gigantic Dialga comes til I update on them. Thanks for looking ^^ and sorry for posting so much lately :P

And I have one question: Why is there no Gardevoir pokedoll? I don't think Gallade should get all the glory. Do you think they'll make one in the future? And would you buy one? (well technically thats 3 questions, but yeah, whatever.)
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