feraligroggles (feraligroggles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants and shameless sales reminder :>

As always, looking for anything from th following pokemon:

Specific wants here:

Feraligatr clear attack kid --^

Banpresto Feraligatr/Totodile keychain set (not sure what feraligatr's face looks like on this one since I haven't seen it out of a package, but, it apparently shows up in random lots on YJ from time to time)

Play by play Feraligatr slippers (most likely children's sizes, so very small) --^

The shirt featuring Feraligatr in this picture --^

aaand not pictured, but the following exist that I am looking for:

Feraligatr wallet that also features Scizor (and one other pokemon, but I can't remember. The wallet itself is blue and was seen recently on a Craigslist listing for an area I don't live in)

(Edit: picture added! ^ -thank you, gengareric!)

Feraligatr marbles (the only one I have is blue, there are others)

and any color feraligatr metal figure. They look like this:

Aaaannnnd sales plug!

http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13032122.html or here!
(Also there's a collection update in there too. Sales are at the bottom)
All orders from this week will be mailed on Monday

Thanks! :D

EDIT:  The banner was taken down by mod request as per the rules stating only a link may be used to promote sales that have not significantly changed. But it has also been brought to my attention that the banner was an eyesore and annoying to people, so I apologize for that and will use a different banner in the future. :/

Tags: cacnea, exeggutor, feraligatr, sales, tangela, wanted
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