rhetorikakrobat (rhetorikakrobat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The cuteness conquest attempt!

Hello PKMNCollectors,

a few months ago, some of you suggested to me starting to make chibi clay figures (of seemingly human characters) instead of realistic-oriented ones. I am not a big fan of chibi sculptures of human characters, of whom most of them looked too round in my opinion. But today, i reached the peak of boredom and decided to temporary abandon pseudo-realism and create my own chibi-influenced style. The relation to Pocket Monsters? See for yourself.

The news regarding the upcoming metal badges gave me the needed inspiration. Unova Gym Leaders! But which one? I chose Cheren first, but then i decided to let Bianca accompany him. Below is a photo of the two of them together, compared to a Cobalion Pose Figure:


Cheren's hair looks weird, his eyes are a bit off. Of course, they are fingerprints everywhere and Bianca's bag is not properly proportioned. There are probably even more things who could be considered mistakes. And they are not even painted! But what do you think? I thought of accepting commissions (if anyone would want them). Please leave a comment!
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