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Calling all Black Kyurem overdrive zukan owners

Ah, I usually don't post entries like this, but I really gotta ask you guys about something (it's not about the transparent tail parts, it's something else)! Since I don't know who owns what I decided to ask this right here, I hope that is okay.

So! Ever since I knew of the overdrive versions of the Black/White Kyurem zukans I knew I had to have them OFCOURSE. So after waiting quite some time for them to come up, AnimeRaro got them in stock and WHAM I bought them before anyone could say GRISEOUS ORB.

They arrived today and I gotta say I was a LITTLE TINY BIT disappointed. I've bought several zukans from AnimeRaro before and unfortunately I haven't had too much of a good experience with that (it's not about the service, but the zukans themselves), but I didn't want to go to Y!J and I was always too late on sales posts and the like haha. They ship them in their gachapon balls, so wings tend to be curved. But, from what I've learned, all zukans come in gachapon balls - yet noone else have curved Reshiram wings or White Kyurem wings.

I must have the worst luck ever? Anyway, I have a question concerning overdrive Black Kyurem!

Mine have a large right eye and a small left eye, causing him to look rather wierd from the front. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Also the White Kyurem I got have a nasty "permanent marker" mark on his head. I guess it's a factory mistake (a rather weird one if so). Anyone know if it's removable? I doubt it but doesn't hurt to ask.

Lastly, I'm wondering if anyone have any good advice on how to bend back zukan parts?

And that's it!

Also, a little sales plug. :D Click here!
Tags: black kyurem, white kyurem
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