Longcat (nagaineko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Offers Reminder: Large Dittochu and 1:1 Scraggy!!

Just a quick reminder that these guys are still up for offers. Neither have received any so far. ;A; I'm hesitant to let go of Dittochu for any less, but I did lower offers on Scraggy. If anyone is able to do some sort of payment plan on either of these guys, it's completely doable!!! Just talk to me first. I would love to give these guys a new home, so anyone who's interested, please speak up!

Click here or the pics to go to the offers post!

That's all for now. I did get something very special that I think the community would be interested in seeing, so hopefully I will ACTUALLY post about something I got for once, LOL. I also still have weeding to do, so more sales from me are sure to appear in the near future. Until then, take care!
Tags: pikachu, scraggy
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