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Grand Canyon Trip!

Hi community!
Sorry for posting so soon, but...
Since I'm still sick, I thought it would finally be a good time to show you guys my trip to the Grand Canyon.
(Which I went about 2 weeks ago)
And, I brought my Piplup Pokedoll with me :D

Bubbles first road trip :D

Since we were going to travel with my aunt, uncle, and 4 cousins, we had to get early so that we all would travel together in diferent cars.
Bubbles: *Yawn* Why did we have to wake up at 4am?
Me: Because, if we want to be able to spend the day at the Canyon we have to get there early.
Bubbles: But we didn't even have breakfast! 
Me: Blame dad for rushing us -_-

Finally my we annoyed my dad enough to stop for some food at a gas station.
Bubbles: Foooood!
Me: Your a plush, you guys don't eat.
Bubbles: Thats what you think...

After sleeping through most of the car ride, we finally got to the enterance!
Bubbles: Yes! I sha'll rule this place with my fellow Pokemon Plushies!
Me: Sorry Bubbles, but this place already belongs to the government/ Native Americans.
Bubbles: Pffft, I bet its not even that great of a place :P

After we arrived to a small picnic area, we had our "brunch" and we started hiking to the Village which was a mile away from our spot.
Since it was my first time there I was really amazed by the view!
Bubbles: DON'T DROP ME!
Me: I won't...Unless you behave bad.
Bubbles: D:

While we were walking along the "Trail of Time", my aunt kept annoying us to take pictures.
She was like "Picture!" and the rest of us: "UGH. No! Another? Oh my god"
But while she was taking a picture of my cousins, I snuck behind the tree and got a picture of Bubbles.
Bubbles: This tree is my new home!
Me: Fine. I'll leave you so that you never come home again :D
Bubbles: Ummmm, you know what, this tree isn't so great. Get me down!

Once we arrived to the village, we went into the gift shop!
I bought a couple of stone animals...but then lost them :(
Bubbles: I can buy everything in that store!
Me: Can you buy me new stone animals?
Bubbles: Do they accept Pokedollars?

And while we waiting outside for my aunt to finish shopping, I got a photo of Bubbles :D
Bubbles: How is it possible for her to take 30 minutes to shop?!
Me: I don't know...

After we had gone hiking a bit and we all wanted to leave already.
Since no hotels in the area had any more rooms, we went to Flagstaff, since it was closer to out next stop and there were most likely hotels with rooms.

Slide Rock! Slide Rock was an awesome place to go swimming!
If you guys don't know what Slide Rock is, its basically a natural water slide. (Look it up!)
The water was FREEZING and the rocks were slippery! My cousin actually slipped and hit his elbow xD.
But, since I didn't want to get Bubbles wet, I had to leave him in the car.
Bubbles: Slide Rock... My new kingdom!
Me: No, your staying in the car. I don't want to to get wet >:I
Bubbles: Awwww! D:

But after riding in the car we saw some awesome scenery! 
Where I live, its just desert, dust and dirt.
Bubbles: Imagine playing Slender in there!
Me: Have you been on the computer while I'm sleeping?
Bubbles: Maybe...

After a few more hours, we finally arrived home, safe and sound!
Here are some more pictures:

At the village, the place was full of squierrls!
One of them even got into some lady's bag of chips! xD

And on the way to slide rock we stopped by a creek and enjoyed the scenery.
There were also black berries growing and some were eddible- but they weren't that great.

Thanks for looking!

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