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Commission Interest/Trades/Wants c:

Hi all! Hope this post finds you well!

A few things on the agenda:
1.  Commission Interest: Take a look at some custom plush and let me know if you'd commission me or buy any of the pre-made plushies! :3
2. Trades: Looking for art trades and normal trades!
3. Wants: updated!

Here's a preview! c:

I love making plush. Give me excuses to make them.
Here are a few~~

Go ahead and take a look at my deviantart if you like:

The question of truth: So, would you commission me? If 5 people show interest, I'll open small commissions tomorrow! Know also that they'd be cheap since this is my first time, probs. around 30 dollars, plus or minus on difficulty or material.

Alright! Trades!
I need more octillery stuff! I accept pretty much anything I don't have, barring most flats  (see my wants image). (I have the kids, zukan, and candy figure.)
Please give me octillery stuff. Or custom plush. Whatever. c:
I am looking for customs of Octillery,(first priority) Qwilfish (second) or Mandibuzz (third)! Plush preffered (probably small :3)
I will do my best to make an equal trade with you, and I am willing to trade most of the plush on my DeviantArt page.

In that same vein, here's a poorly put together wants image of stuff not on my other wants list. I'll update it later. x3
I would love to trade anything in my sales post for these, or make custom plush. Your choice! :3

Thanks for reading!
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