Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

what's that, shaymin?

So I had SAT today at like 7:30am and it just got out at 12:30.. bleh. But when I got home, I found three little packages!
The first two were the Pikachu and Igglybuff shown here:

(I got Lapras earlier this week)

and then.. the third?

My TOMY Shaymin plush~ it wasn't scheduled to arrive until June 30! I'm so happy he got here now. And I am calling him "Posh" because it suits him: he reminds me of Jess, who says posh a lot. Cute!

Okay well, thanks again to goku_the_saru for the Iggybuff. Others were from eBay. I've got to go have a look at this rabbit I saw in the pet store that is a potential birthday present for myself. 8D Have a nice rest of the weekend!

Edit Just thought of this, but.. that red thing on the logo for the 11th movie.. is it the same as what's on [Sky Shaymin]'s back (as wings)?
Tags: igglybuff, lapras, pikachu, shaymin
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