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Collection update & small sales post (dome shaped shooting figures..)

Well I went to London yesterday to pick up a few plushes I bought from Privatelyricist- and there was really only one place the child-size Lucario could go:


So yeah, got it all back safely- went to Norwich today for a different reason to Pokemon and somehow ended (unintentionally) buying some Pokemon merch from some random toyshop, and I received some items from Kari XIII, including the Sudowoodo Zukan which was the last thing I needed to complete Palkia edition:

Lucarios, Mew Pokedoll & Lugia Bendy Plush I picked up yesterday; Lugia TFG I received earlier in the week;  Pikachu Kid, Badge & Sudowoodo Zukan received today, and Riolu Jakks, Solar Powered Pikachu (shakes his head to the power of light) & Pokemon roller/shooter dome shaped figures I bought today from Norwich- below for closeups;

Yes- I have the complete set of dome shaped figures- which like the Zukans & Gachas you don't know what you're getting until you buy it and open it- so I bought a whole box full and obviously ended up with doubles- which is where the sale post comes in.
I have for sale:
NB 12/06/08 all what hasn't been sold is going in my eBay shop.

x3 Wobbuffet, x2 Minum, Pikachu, Skitty, & Munchlax. The box has been opened just to see what they are- but they are still sealed with shooter.
Since they are new and I bought them at the RRP I will be selling them for $10 each SHIPPED worldwide Airmail (UK prices will be $8.50 2nd class). Obviously if you wanted more than one the overall price will be less. I accept Paypal only (Paypal/PO/cash if in the UK only). My paypal is

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