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Holy crap!

I actually got all my Pokemon stuff together D:. amazing eh? Also I've learnt that at least one of the items is very rare.

Click the cut to see the Pokeymanz

Ok, this is what's left of my mewtwo collection, I used to be RIGHT INTO MEWTWO years ago and collected what I could when I was young, some of this stuff dates back to when I was 12 and now I'm 21. As you can see I have a straw thing, a backpack, a giant plastic mewtwo figure, the tomy figure, a roley toy, green mewtwo eraser (seen in preview image), Burger king figure (that does not and never did light up), a bootleg pink squeaky mewtwo keychain I got at a dollar store right before going to see Mewtwo Strikes back in theatre. Two crafts I made (cotton mewtwo and bead mewtwo). and the rarity one that is very much in need of cleaning my poseable plush keychan mewtwo (with original pokeball in good but dirty condition). Oh and if the owner of Mewtwo museum is around I think you don't own the straw hugging mewtwo, its in perfect condition and even still has its original plastic ^^. I'm willing to part with it for free just to help you with you goal.

Here's the rest of my collection I was able to obtain from home. Many tomy figures (including one scyth scyther that got sat on and became an amputee) Talking Pikachu (still in package and works), talking mew (still works), regular pikachu plushie, some battle figures of Suicune and Raichu, two tiny pencil toppers of Clefairy and snorlax (seen in preview image), a jakks pikachu(seen in preview image), some Wendy's keychain pikachu (found at work a few years ago), keychain of regular/defense Deoxys and Metagross (given to me by a online friend) and some Pokemon marbles that came with my jakks pikachu, Breloom and Mudkip

And here's all my Pokemon stuff (minus books and cards and the mewtwo eraser) together. I have about 45 things. Most are up for trades or selling (though I need admin permission first for that. contact me if anything tickles your fancy).

Also some advice need: many of my Pokemon collectables are old and were in a basement so they're mildly stinky (only if you put you nose right up to them) and slighty dirty from dust buildup. So what would be the best way to clean them and make them smell fresh?

Thanks for looking :>

EDIT: I figure I may as well note what I fell I can't sell. mostly because I was going to trade on item and realize I have attachment to it and its too rare to risk wanting it again and not being able to find another.
but out of all the items seen here I'm not willing to part with: the big mewtwo backpack, keychain pokeball mewtwo, pink bootleg mewtwo, jakks mudkip figure, shiny mudkip mini figure (craft), zapdos bell plush (craft), cotton ball mewtwo (craft), lotad keychain charm (craft, already sold).

Everything else is free for all because I don't care for them xD
Tags: blastoise, chansey, clefairy, deoxys, manaphy, metagross, mewtwo, mudkip, pikachu, raichu, snorlax, suicune
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