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Gorgeous Pokemon GA-lost :

Gorgeous Pokemon GA

Hi everyone, just wanted to say a few things before I talk about this GA here.
The winnners of the "Le GA of Friendship" GA, I've PM'd everyone on what's going, and
if there's any questions or you didn't get my PM'd contact me please.

OK! Now to the GA.

graywrabbit and I bring you this gorgeous auction full of plush!

graywrabbit has prior GA experience, and will be the bidder/shipper/payment collector.
-He was granted sales permission by aleyina on 8/8/12
-His feedback is here:
-I will be posting/making the threads, and making sure everyone sends payment on time!
-My Feedback is here:

I will be claiming the pikachu bag, and the big Mime Jr. plush for 45$ and I'll be bidding on a few items as well.

graywrabbit will be claiming the Regigigas 15$ Giratina Pokedolls for 25$ 
Giratina will have a thread and can be bidded on.
We'll both go higher if needed.

Item description:

★ status product used
★ large, medium and small size
I keep it in a safe place, to the person who can hold dear because you've accumulated a large amount, I will concede.
The stuffed animal is, most likely, such as dice pouch stuffed cushion part ★
All is not for sale. I have also included some stuffed most lottery.
And all status product. It is a lot of things in good condition just had to remove the tag, I also used some mixed. On your note, thank you.
Products put on the two image increase.
Please consider.

Question though! It says "All is not for sale."
Would that mean that some items in the pictures are not for sale?
If not, I'd really like to know. Thank you all that helped  

Thank you all that helped ^-^

Bidding ends on September 4, 22:53
Countdown here:

- DO NOT snipe bidding.
- DO NOT bid within 5 minutes of the auction's end will increase the time for that thread by another 5 minutes.
-Payment 1 is due within 48 hours

Small plush will start at 1$ and all medium/big plush will start at $3

Bid increasements of 1$ please.

Please wait until all threads are up, thank you.
All threads are up, go forth and bid!

ATTENTION EVERYONE! WE've recently found yesterday that the seller was nice enough to add 4 new items! Or the seller forgot to add that there. They are: Buneary and Piplup hand puppets, pikachu bag, and an Infernape UFO.
graywrabbit would like to claim the pikachu bag for 10$ and If any minds I'd be claiming the Infernape plush for 10$ as well. If there's any concerns please let me know. Again, since we just found yesterday I was going to post up the pictures last night, but someone works at the csble company must hate me, my internet went out again. I'll post them up shortly onnce my class is over with. I'll go ahead and post the threads up just incase.

I'm so sorry everyone that I didn't get back to you guys sooner D: Unfortunatley I did not realzie on what time it was, so I'll tell my partner that when the package arrives (if we win) we will offer the new items to everyone who participated. Again, sorry.

I'm sorry to say guys, we lost v.v Though I'd like to say thank you for everyone who tried their hardest, and thank you for making my GA experience actually enjoyable. Again, thank you and sorry.
Tags: banpresto, group auction, plush
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