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New here and just a couple of wants.

hello i am morgan and i am new to the community and i dont have paypal but these are some of my wants. i dont have any pictures though.
1. 2009 canvas vaporeon plushie
2. a vaporeon 2009 clearfile folder
3. a vaporeon keychain ( one with its butt scooting or jhoto charm key chain or any really just show me a picture. )
4. a absol keychain ( please show me a picture cause i dont know of a certain one i would like)
5. a leafeon figure, tomy.
6.vaporeon dark rush 18/69 mint card. possibly shiny . haha

thank you so much for your time!
i love pokemon and i am almost 18.
crazy stuff haha.
actaully gonna get a small pokemon tat eventually

Mo swo
Tags: absol, canvas, cards, charizard, espeon, flareon, jolteon, leafeon, mew, salamence, suicune, umbreon, vaporeon
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