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First Sales Post!

Apparently I had recieved sales permission a while ago and didn't even realize! do'h x3 anyway, this is my first sales post so it's nothing too exciting but I hope you'll take a look! I need some money after having spent so much of it on college classes and books x__x  Please feel free to tell me if i've done something wrong or if my prices are way too high (or low?) I tried to research the worth of everything but it's hard to know with some of the cards and stuff. 

Here's my (super boring) sales banner for now, i'll make a better one later xP Thanks for looking! :D

EDIT: some of my pictures weren't working but I fixed it and it should be all good now!

Sales Rules:
-Sales Permission granted on June 5th 2012 by entirelycliched
-Feedback is available here
-I accept only Paypal USD
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply
-I can only hold items if you are completely commited to purchasing and for no longer than a few days!
-Feel free to ask for a quote if you are unsure of the total cost
-Please pay as soon as possible. If you haven't paid or at least messaged me within 48 hours your item will be relisted or passed on to the next buyer
-Haggling is allowed but I might not always accept x3
-Smoke free house but I do own a cat

-I ship from Southern California, USA
-Prices do NOT include shipping or paypal fees unless noted
-I am not responsible for items that are lost or damaged once they have been shipped :(
-I may take up to a week or more to ship, because I have work and class. Please be patient, I will try my best!
-I use previously used packing to ship, so if you would like a NEW envelope, or tracking, please let me know so I can add it to your total!


Rhyhorns: .50
Pinsir and Farfetch'd: $1
Growlithe: $2

Snubbul, Slowking, Ledyba: $3
Psyduck dogtag: $1
Coin: $1

(here's the backs of the clips)

Styli: (never used, still in plastic)
Snivy, Oshawott: $3 each


BW DS Case: 
Never used, comes with cloth and two game holders: $10

Giant wall sticker: $8
Apparently it's like a sticker that you can safely put on your walls and peel off again? Never used. Will probably be awkward/more expensive to ship
The thing next to it is just a cardboard version. Let me know if you'd like it too or I can sell it seperately

Shaymin Deck:
A few of the cards are missing so it's not a 'full' deck but it comes with the coin and players mat and Shaymin holo card. Will split up if there is enough interest
Everything for $7 (not including shipping)

Snubbul, Sunflora, shooter games: $1
Quilava: $2
Green water game(features Maril, Quagsire, Horsea, Totodile): .50 (the water has evaporated)
(I have more detailed pics if anyone wants to see up close)

Starmie, Sunflora: .50 each
Plastic plates:
Snubbul(pink) Sunflora: $1
Quilava, Butterfree, Cyndaquil: $2


Commons: all .50

Uncommons: .75

All reverse holos except Tangrowth who is a star/rare
All $1

Rocket Primape: $1.50
Misty's Dewgong: $1.50
Grotle: $1

Raikou and Entei Legend card bottom: (left) $4.50 
Suicune and Entei Legend card bottom: $4

Trainers: .50

Random lot of around 40 cards. All are commons, mostly from jungle and fossil. Shoot me a price if interested.

Card wrappers! One free with purchase!

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