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August Set Kids are In! Extras.

Hey everyone! It's been a relatively long time between posts! I've been busy with getting in the school-mode for the last few weeks (and getting through everyone's Worlds orders ^-^), so I've been busy. I got the August Kids in the mail about a week ago, but I wanted to wait until I was a little less busy to ask for payments. I'd like to apologize for the delay. I know it's still (barely) the month of August, but I shouldn't have kept you guys waiting.

Anyways, as usual, here is the Google Docs spreadsheet.  Please send all payments to jandjsimonenterprises(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line reading "August 2012 Set Kids: (USERNAME)(KIDS BOUGHT)". This step is very important and if you do not do it, can result in a delay in shipping. As usual, I wasn't able to get everyone's kids, but I did my very best, and got 92% of people's kids! Thanks for your helpfulness! :D Please try to pay within 3-5 days. Before you pay, make sure EVERYTHING is correct, including, the shipping country. Also, if you asked me to combine with other kids, please remind me and I will add it to your total. I have been swamped the past few weeks, so I might have forgotten. It is no problem to add those back on though! :D 

As usual, I have extras. All extras except for the bottom row above are $9.50 shipped inside the USA, and $10.00 shipped outside. Bottom row kids are $6.50 USA, $7 not USA. Ask me if you want some!:

Pikachu 2
Black Kyurem 4
White Kyurem 4
Meloetta-Pirouette 3
Emboar 2
Tympole 2
Fraxure 3

Thanks guys! In other news, I will not be doing a group buy for the October set of kids. With so many of the kids being re-dos, I don't see myself selling that many of them. If I get enough interest, I'd consider buying a box or two, but I'd have to hear interest to do anything. So, just know, I will not be carrying the October (Therian Beasts Set) set unless I get enough interest. Sorry!

Thanks! Please let me know if you want extra kids from this set. I have a lot of them.
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