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The simplest of wants post

Hi all!
Soooo. I would like to buy things.
Take a look at this image and let me know if you have any of the items as I'd love to buy them from you!

Now, a pair of surprising mini grails have come out of my love of grossly underloved water types. 

The octillery swing keychain has become my main target. I've seen a numer of swings come and go, but none of them of the little sucker. (Get it? Sucker? he's got suction cups...oh nevermind.)

In a similair vein (and a very tender one at that) is the qwilfish swing keychain. I have a lovely little qwilfish collection coming together and this keychain would be the lovely centerpiece (aside from an awesome custom plush, perhaps, which if by some odd chance anyone has I would love to buy).

Also Mandibuzz items. Throw 'em at me. That vulture is suprisingly difficult to find on the comm. I literally have no items of her (stickers and custom pokedoll aside!)
I'm also looking for octillery/qwilfish items I don't already have which, I find, are very few!

Anyways~ Sorry for the boring post ya'll! I have one very cheap plush commission slot open on my deviantart page, but that's it for today I'm afraid!
Thanks for reading! Have a gif.

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