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Pokemon Center Lugia promotion!

I checked and don't believe this has been posted yet?

There's a new Pokemon Center Lugia promotion that will be launching on September 14th.

Here are the product details thanks to good 'ole Google Translator. Please feel free to correct if the translations are wrong!

    Lugia Pokedoll 980 yen
    Lugia doll mascot yen 500
    Fight LUGIA 1,800 yen writing case
    Fight LUGIA 350 yen set of five pencil 2B
    Fight LUGIA 220 yen eraser
    Fight LUGIA 320 yen set five pencil cap joint
    Fight LUGIA 260 yen underlay
    Fight LUGIA 270 yen ruler
    Fight LUGIA 210 yen reason butterfly book learning
    A4 Clear File Fight LUGIA 210 yen
    Handkerchief Fight LUGIA 350 yen
    Puchitaoru Fight LUGIA 350 yen
    Yen 130 2,400 T-shirts Fight LUGIA
    Mesh Cap Fight LUGIA 1,900 yen
    Multi-functional shoulder Fight LUGIA 1,900 yen
    500 yen each crew socks Fight LUGIA 16-18/19-21

Yea..not excited about any of these except for the clear file!

P.S: I'm helping run a contest over at The contest ends Sunday though. Derp. But you can still enter if you like. LINK
Tags: lugia, plush, pokecen, pokedolls
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