DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Woo! It's all gone! Shipping Update!

Alright, everyone who purchased from any of my sales or my GA, all your stuff is mailed out! (of course I had to deal with grumpy mail ladies cause I showed up 5 minutes before 12 with a whole bunch of packages!) A lot of you asked me to tell you when I shipped them out...but that's a lot of PMs so I marked your items as shipped on paypal so you'll get an email! Anyway Collection update! I got a new beast friend :3 and am bidding on another so I think I have officially decided to keep the beasts! I now am only missing their giants so my legendary beast collection is complete!...for now, until I have money to buy their giants (which will most likely never happen)
Anyway if you're interested in some pokemon merch my sales are HERE

And QUESTION! I can't add a freaking photo because it keeps flipping the dang thing on it's side!!! Can someone help me with that!
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