greywolf77 (greywolf77) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Couple Eevee Related Requests

i have a couple of requests, one of them a little unusual.

FIrst off, I am looking for a 500 pt Trophy Eevee

Now I've found one already, but I'm seeing if I can get a bit of a better price for it. I'm asking for below $400, and it has to be mint condition. Click the banner below to see my website in case you were curious about what kind of home it is going to.

My other request is a little unusual. My ultimate grailiest of grails is the Japanese Scramble Eevee

And as much as I am desperate for it, I am willing to settle for an actual picture of it, not just the scan I have above, until I find someone who is willing to trade/sell one to me. If anyone has a picture of it, you can message it to me instead of posting it publicly.

So yeah that's it for now community. Have a wonderful day/night everyone! :)
Tags: collection, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, umbreon
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