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GSC #6 Group Buy

Hello Everybody,

Today I bring you a group buy for the following set: GSC #6. There are many old-school zukans that are extremeley rare. Especially, the Pokemon Center Diaroma. So please take a look, and if your interested feel free to claim the zukan you desire. There will not be a deadline because the person who sells the zukan often relists it, but I am hoping to get everthing claimed soon (around 1-3 days).

I will be claiming both Rapidash and Tauros Zukan for $40. I know that my claim is fairly low, but that is because if we buy everything as a set, it will be more cheaper than buying them individually. I will be using noppin as my deputy service, so please take into account that there might be an extra charge added on to the claim, and that there's three payments. First Payment is the price of the auction + fees; Second Payment is shipping from Noppin to me; Third Payment is shipping from me to you.

I already calculated the first payment for each zukan, and it is reflected on the amount I placed on each zukans claim. The prices for the first payment is listed below.
  • Pokemon Center Diaroma - $115
  • Nidoking Line - $40 (Claimed: Chaos_21)
  • Furret Line - $20 (Claimed: latias_latios_7)
  • Rattata - $10 (Claimed vulpes_canis)
  • Unown $5
  • Yanma $5

  • I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 3/02/12
  • Here is my feedback:
  • All Community Rules Apply:
  • I accept payment only through Paypal
  • Shipping Rates will be around $3-4 for people living in the United States, please note that these rates can change based upon where you live, or the size of the package
  • I do ship internationally
  • I am not responsible for any lost packages; If you want tracking just ask me
  • I have the right to refuse service based upon negative feedback etc. 
  • I ship from California
  • The days I plan to ship is either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. It will be shipped out within a week I receive payment. I will make an effort to get them shipped out sooner. There are some circumstances that may cause me to be unable to send any packages, but it will not pass 2 weeks from the day I receive payment. If I don't ship your item within two weeks of payment, I will pay for your shipping. 
  • All Claims Are Final 

Here's some more pics

Thank You For Reading

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