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Collection Update

Alright Collection Update time, now that I'm moved into my dorm and I have all my stuff with me. It was sad to pack it all up but very fun to unpack it. Got a bit of a photo story to share about my unpacking of my plush.

Sorry that some of the pictures are fuzzy.

First the photo story

Me: Look we are here
Reshi: Yeah but on what cost. I was bouncing around in the back Let me rest a bit.
Me: Uh alright...Lets go find Charizard..

Me: There he is. On the bed like always.
Char: Well what can I say. You had me used as packing material for your TV. Now move and let me watch it!

Me: Doctor Who!
Char: Yep, Getting ready for the new season to start tonight. BBC America has a Marathon Going on.
Me: Fine I'll leave you alone and find what Reshi is up to.

Me: Reshi what are you doing now.
Reshi: Helping my friends out of this black prison
Me: its called a backpack...
Pack: Rustles a bit

Reshi: Your not a Friend
Mustang: Your not Edward...He must still be in side..
Me: I didn't just pack pokemon plush in there reshi.
Reshi: I see that...
Me: Your angry arn't you?
Unknown Item: Help! Help!

Reshi: I'll help you. *pulls*

Me: Its just a Yoshi
General Yoshi: Not just any Yoshi. I am the commander of the Yoshi Army
Reshi: Uh...Right, but we pokemon have a larger Plush Collection. Now lets see if we can't find them.

Reshi: There's one
Axew: Light!

Reshi: Are you hurt?
Axew: No just had someone's foot in my face the entire time. I think he's coming out now. I would have preferred to be turned into a pokeball then go through that...

Axew: See. But its not pokemon. A human I think it has hair.
Reshi: I see that, humans are odd creatures always trying to capture us.
Edaward: I'm stuck *wiggles*

Reshi: Hey Mustang we found Edward!

Silver Yoshi: *Falls out of the bag* Uh..

Reshi: Another yoshi...How many did we bring
Silver Yoshi: Three. Yellow Solider was just behind me, we left Red behind to guard the base.

Axew: There it is.
Yellow Yoshi: I'm not an it

Reshi: There finally another one of our friends.

Voltron: Finally out of there! Thanks for making room. Another's coming out he's been in my face the entire ride. Though silent as always.

Voltron: WeatherCaster!
Reshi: Always lazy isn't he...
Axew: he's not even going to stick around.

Cyda: Here I am!

Cyda: Dragonthing should be coming out soon.
Reshi: Another Firebutt pokemon

Dragonthing: *Muffled* Its on my tail...
Cyda: *Hops on Axew's head*

Dragonthing: Now I can breath..
Reshi: Darkcaster should be the last of them then.

Darkcaster: Here I am!
Reshi: Char is still watching Dr Who isn't he?
Me: Yep and so Was I while you unloaded everyone for me.

BadAss: Wait what about me!

BadAss: Why am I always forgotten?

Collection Update Pictures time <3

Cute Pokemon Stickers I found at an Animecon in the artist's corner

I wish my deck could be covered in these sleeves

I don't collect Arceus but this poster is awesome

I love this card I pulled its so pretty

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