Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Very Special New Get! (And another older, yet still very awesome one)

Hi community! Let me just start off by saying, you guys are awesome! Like, seriously, this is the most friendly, welcoming, and happy place I've ever been on the internet! Kudos to all of you <3

Now! I have two very special gets to share with you, and I'm sending a shout out to ibburger for being super awesome and amazing! Thank you SO much.

Okay, now on to the lovely pokemon...

Oh my god what? WHAT? Who is this lovely creature, and where the heck did he come from, you ask? Well!!
My super awesome uber cool friend made him for me! Yes. Truths. AND. He will soon be making a deviantart and be taking comissions. If you'd like his info (for when I recieve it) you can pm me =D Now! More pics

He stands too! He was actually made to stand, but I can put him in a sitting position too because he's very flexible


And now on to my next get-- this little pix actually turnd into a mini grail after a while, since people kept beating me to it! But finally, and a lot of thanks to ibburger (you know what you did) I managed to get this precious girl in the mail a few days ago <3

Anyway! That's about it for today. I'm moving into my super small ugly dorm tomorrow and sadly saying goodbye to all my pokemon (except Umbreon, he's lucky enough to join me). Thanks for reading! And feel free to pm me about my friend's comission info and DA account <3


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