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A post of many purposes: gets, wants, sob story

Hello pkmncollectors! Today is a day full of various feelings!  I'm here to share with you a collection update, wants, and a sob story! 
These three things all relate to this... 


First is my quick collection update! 

I put a standard CD case and Hydreigon MPC for scale reference.  I'm so happy!  I might even get an extra strap because it's so huge! 
So I decided to open my drops tin to see what the drops looked like (and tasted like, since I was a bit hungry...and it probably wasn't a good idea to keep them inside the tin forever)... 

When suddenly... 

So I'm a sad Snivy. 

Which leads to my wants part of this post. 
If anyone has a Pokemon Mate tin in mint condition (with or without the drops) for sale, please let me know! 
Also, a small/large thing, if anyone has this Dot Sprite Calendar(?) for sale, please let me know also! 
Thank you so much for reading!
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