LegendaryLuna (legendaryluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yay for Birthdays

Ok so my birthday is coming up (yay for aging T_T) Anywho! So since I couldn't get a claim for the DX Jolteon because I was to late, I have decided to make a wonderful post since I have some cash I am looking for ANYTHING JOLTEON OR EEVEE! Please feel free to post multiple pics here of those two. Also I am a eeveelution collector but heres the order they are to me 1.Eevee 2.Jolteon 3. Flareon 4. Vaporeon 5.Umbreon 6. Espeon 7.Glacion and 8. Leafeon. Pretty much if not all in order. Mainly looking for plush and figures <3 Thanks!!!
Tags: eevee, jolteon

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