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September MPCs? Plus more wants~! ;3;

Sooooo, I had heard the next set of MPCs had a Joltik in it.. Andandand I'm kindasorta starting to really adore that little spazzy fuzzball of a spider.. So I was wondering if anyone was doing any sort of preorders or pickups ororor anything of the sort. XD

Of course, I could be completely wrong about the september MPC having a joltik in it... *ahem* ANYWAY.
I have moar wants. And snazzy pictures of the wants.
Everyone likes pictures, yes?

(Also these pics are obviously not mine. So, if they're yours and you don't approve of me putting them in this post, I shall take them down. c: )

Ok. So. I just lost in a bid war for a small, awesome lot of pokedolls on Ebay. ._. I SWEAR I WAS SO CLOSE. Sniped within the last 5 SECONDS. It was crazy... So... I also want to dedicate this post to two of my grails; the elusive wailord pokedoll *0*

And of course, the Magikarp pokedoll as well.

So if anyone has either of these to sell/knows someone who is selling either of them/WHATEVER.. do let me know and I'll throw monies at you... Or whoever is selling the plushies.. Yeah. XD

ALSO. CRADILY THINGS... And stunfisks... Yes. >:3

First time using the Lj-cut.. Thingie in a post. So... If I mess it up... That's why. XD
Tags: cradily, joltik, magikarp, wailord

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