abbeymew (abbeymew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

it can do magic believe it or not bibbily bobbily mew! collection update

so I've been a member of this comm a little over a month now and my my how it has damaged my wallet! I have got so much new stuff i just had to show it off :D 
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who I have brought from over the last few weeks I love everything <3

there's quite a few pictures so here goes my first attempt at a cut 

So here is my updated collection of mew plushies!! I cant seem to resist the little guys, when I joined the comm i only had 6 now they ahve taken over and i need to find a new storage space for them in my new flat!

these two are my favourites, I'm afraid I dont remember who i brought the large walky mew from but if you happen to see this and recognise him please let me know and i'll gladly leave feedback. lucario sold mew the banepresto mew, i believe they called him bibbily bobbily mew which just reminds me of the bippity boppity boo song in cinderella and the name has stuck! 

these are all my current mew figures, I find the flying mew gashapon so cute

now I have seen many of these metal figures since joining the comm but  i never realised how tiny they are! utterly adorable

my kroks!

I paid quite a bit for this guy because I was just so desperate to get my hands on him, thankfully I found him in a auction through noppin

my unova starters, a mix of tomy talkers, jakks, ty. the giant snivy was a lucky find on ebay and i love his grumpy face

various other plushes i have recieved including my first canvas plush the cutie little growlithe along with a large zoroark which my mother declared to be a fox-shark!


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