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Tingles Your Taste Buds!

Collection Updates!

Hey there, beautiful people! It's been a while since I last posted pictures of my collection (and back then I only offered shots of the plushies) and seeing as I've been getting all kinds of nifty items from some great fellow members of late, it looked like it was a time for some updates!

NOTE: This post is incredibly image-intensive. Dial-up users, please beware!

These guys in particular have come a long way. We had the teeniest tiniest of a family, added a few members, and now have what we've got today. More delightful critters keep coming through the mail so we're constantly expanding. We're running out of room and not everyone's even pictured!

Also, a huge heapload of thanks to you guys! Namely, I'd like to recognize the following members:


Each and every transaction with each and every one of you was a very pleasant one and I really appreciate all your help with my collections. Thank you, thank you, thank you! &hearts

Another sign of gratitude needs to be given out! I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to the following members:


As with the guys before you (some repeats!), each and every transaction with each and every one of you came through wonderfully and I'm very thankful for your help with my collections. Thank you so much! ♥

More thanks are due! I'd like to give a shout-out to the following members:


Again, each and every transaction with both of you was a very pleasant one. The items may not have been for my main collections, but I treasure them just as much, if not more! Thank you! ♥

There's also been a small new addition to my plush collection, namely a new Skitty. :3

Keroro has been bestowed the honor of being included in this picture as he has kindly volunteered his head for the Pokedolls to sit on. Thanks, Keroro!

Our family's new addition is on the far left. She's a sweet little critter off of eBay who sports jingly bells inside her tail, how cute! ♥

I'm also considering collecting Golduck. He's been a long prime favorite of mine ever since the Orange Islands episode where Misty mistakenly assumed a wild Golduck stuck to her bag was her Psyduck evolved and said Golduck turned out to be a total fox for the ladies. That and I love his sleek design just in general. However, I'm hesitating due to the fact that there is very little in the way of official merchandise for him (at least in my opinion; I want a massive collection of Golduckies) and I'm wondering if my money would be better spent furthering what I already collect. Not Psyduck though, unfortunately. As much as I've tried, he's yet to grow on me. Any thoughts?

WANTS: If you couldn't tell already, I avidly collect the following: Torchic-Line, Cyndaquil-Line, Skitty, and the Lucario-Line. Also, Haruka-chan, also known as May, merchandise is absolutely lovely! I'm not particularly fond of flat items, but will gladly look at anything you send my way!

Tags: blaziken, collection, lucario, plush, riolu, skitty, torchic, typhlosion
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