myvampirelust19 (myvampirelust19) wrote in pkmncollectors,

metal keychain group buy

Doing a group buy for these, check below the cut for claims!

Sales permission given by Denkimouse
Feedback here:

-There will be 3 payments for these
-I ship from the UK, but these should be able to be shipped as a letter so prices should be cheap!
-I have already purchased these to make sure we get them.

Each costs $2.10 this is for the item and fees
Second payment will be on shipping for these
Third will be shipping from me to you!

First come first serve, if you comment for a claim you are expected to be able to pay. Non payers will be left negative feedback!
If you're buying anything from my bookmark GA or bidding on anything in my metal figure auction please say as I will be able to give you discount on postage, which makes me, and you, a happy bunny! C:

Now for claims!
(apologies I cant find a better picture of these anywhere...)

-Pikachu ahs_satoshi
-Keldeo bellyofthewolf
-Black Kyurem (head up) miss10
-Black Kyurem (head down)
-Cobalion myvampirelust19
-Chrogidudgnol Cryogonol okapifeathers
-Vanilite herar
-White Kyurem (Face Right) nasija
-White Kyurem (Face Left)
-Terrakion spideyroxas
-Virizion myvampirelust19
-Pignite nasija
-Stunkfisk jr890
-Dance Meloetta herar
-Snivy tsutarjafan_18
-Emolga ahs_satoshi
-Chokorita zombiecarousel
-Meowth bellyofthewolf
-Voice Meloetta arceus
-Oshawott natsume_85
-Axew schenzi
-Scraggy myvampirelust19
-Piplup schenzi
-Bulbsaur kyogres
-Squirtle iheartfamke (combine with auction)

Comment to claim!


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