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The crazy Vulpix lady is back!

Edit: It seems some pics are broken, will fix ASAP! :'> Fixed! Let me know if there are more broken photos, Photobucket seems to be acting up!

Hello, collectors! Long time no see! C: I've been mostly lurking for the longest time (my last actual collection update was in... January? I think), and since I got some spare time today, I took some new photos of my rather messy collection! :'D

To all new members I want to say hi! It's nice to meet you. <3 I'm RypeltajaRoll, or just Roll for short, a 23-year old collector from Finland! C: I've been a member since... 2008, I think! It's been over four years since I was accepted into this comm, and man, has my collection grown! Want to take a look? Here's a small preview!

This here is my 'figure shelf with some plushies'! It's not the prettiest shelf in the world, but it sure comes in handy! I had a really hard time fitting all my toys in my old shelf anymore, so I got this big boy at a flea market! :'D You can see there's stuff other than Pokemon (the upper row, mostly Madoka Magica, Digimon, Tales and Chi's Sweet Home stuff) but the middle row is all Pokemon figures! The lower row I wanted to dedicate to plushies, so I picked my favourites and voilà! This photo is actually outdated already, but since it was such a good photo of the whole thing, I wanted to show it off, haha.

Here you can see my main collection: Vulpix! Also a mini collection of her evolution and a few dark foxes can be spotted. C': Vulpix has been my favourite since I first saw her in 1999 when Pokemon games and anime arrived here! I'm so proud of my fire foxes, and am always looking to add more figures, other toys and flat items to this collection!

Zooming in~ My favourites from here must be the zukan (I also got the Vulpix egg piece, hee!), the big Tomy figure and the clear yellow mini model! Unlike the other mini models I have, the yellow one is sitting, it's a rare alternate pose or something, I guess. :'D I haven't seen too many of those during my collection years, while the standing one seems to be pretty common! I'd really love to get all the colours for both poses! Same goes for the metal figures, too. <3

And the rest! The Kids figures are sitting on a Pokemon Tales book featuring Vulpix! It's called "Vulpix and the girl" and is a super cute story about a girl and her stuffed toy Vulpix! <3 On the white box I've got some neat custom figures by various talented artists, and a Tomy keychain shiny repaint by me. C:

Here, some of my other very important collections! Herdier (and her evolutions to some extent) have become another main collection of mine along the Vulpixes - I want to get every piece of merch made for them! <3 I love Herdier so much, she reminds me of my long gone Silky Terriers. Miltank and Sneasel are old favourites of mine, and come in share the second place on my top-10 Pokemon list (while Vulpix and Herdier obviously share the first). <3 Mawile I didn't like when Ruby and Sapphire came out, but later I learned to appreciate him and started to find him sure cute, hehe.

Closeup time again! Aren't these terriers just precious! <3 My alltime favourite items are the custom sculptures of Herdier and Lillipup - they were made by berugii! And yes, I do have some bootleg figures lurking here, too, but that's only because Herdier just doesn't get enough merch. x'D And they're kind of cute, too... The plush tail charm is made by usakochan, btw!

Gah, this photo looks awful! And somehow I didn't get all the Miltanks in the photo, either, meh. :C The ones in front (Battle Museum figure and the in-case figure without the case - you can see them in the bigger photo, though!) my favourites, too! Sadly Miltank never got too much merch even though she's so adorable. :'< Sneasel has been way luckier, just look at everything! The three on the far left are my faves, there's the V-trainer figure, alt. pose Tomy and Thinkchip figure! As for Mawiles, I'm super proud of the TFG and clear Kids! I can't believe I got both the regular and the attack one as clears. *u* There's also a shiny Mawile (bootleg) repaint by me!

And a few more 'serious' collections! This is why I'm always so poor... Breloom, Flygon and Girafarig all old favourites, and Audino I fell in love with the second I saw him! He reminds me of a friend of mine, it's kind of funny! The cats (Delcatty, Purugly and Persian lines) are minor collections, I just pick up cute things of them because I love cats! If Purugly had more merch made of her, I'd probably buy like everything, she's amazingly adorable - and underrated! Very random Bagon and Salamence can also be found lurking here! I don't collect them really, but I had a good reason to get the Kids of them! More about that below, perhaps!

Closeup time again! Yeah, I have an Audino cookie. x) Wanted to include it here in case I decide to eat it! D: It's sooo sad, but at the same time it would be kind of silly to save it and let it go bad. :'D The cutest Audino ever is the Tomy figure - just look at him, he wears a nurse hat! >u< Suits him so well.

I'm pretty proud of my small-ish Flygon collection, too. He's got a ton of merch, and since he's popular, it's always super expensive! I got lucky with some things like the shiny Kid and buildable figure, but I'm still missing the amazing Zukan! I actually won the Flygon piece in a GA couple of months ago, but still haven't received it. ;____; I kind of want the whole set someday, though. Flygon and Breloom are a bit similar for me, btw - I only collect the fully evolved form and not the earlier one(s), even though I like Trapinch. I guess he doesn't have much merch to collect even if I wanted to, though! Breloom didn't get as much merch as Flygon, but still a lot more than Miltank! The Jakks figure is probably my favourite of all his figures! Oh, and I was going to babble about the Bagon and Salamence, too! I wanted them just because I play in a Pokemon-themed, forum-based RPG, and my friend's character has the most adorable Bagon ever. :'D Probably the dumbest reason ever, but I love that little dragon so I wanted to have one!

Wow, this is blurry! Sorry about that, I didn't notice it until I moved the pics to my computer~ Here you can see more Brelooms, some Girafarigs and the cats. I think I have all Girafarig figures except the elusive TFG! The Tomy one is the cutest, no question! There's a bootleg one, too, right behind the Tomy. Then there are those cats. I'm an owner/slave of three cats (Chester, Milka and Nikita!) so I really like the cat Pokemon, too. Purugly actually makes me think of my Chester! <3 That's why it's also my favourite of all cat Pokemon, haha. I think the only Purugly figure I'm missing is the Chou Get, it's so hard to find! Help me out if you've seen one for sale? C: <3

YYes, I also like Eeveelutions! x'D My wallet weeps sooo badly! Vaporeon is my favourite, and I have a more serious collection of her going on! As for the others, I only have a few figures I really, really like! I used to have big collections of them all but sold most of it! This section also has my recently started Oshawott/Dewott and Mienfoo line collections. Oh, and Milotic, too, I want to collect the beautiful sea serpent - so far I only have the Tomy and the Kid. xD There's also quite a few random Pokemon I like but don't really collect, like Ponyta, Mudkip, Quilava, Zangoose and Ampharos. Wanted to have a figure or two of those, either because I've had them in my in-game team or just because they're cute, haha. I also like collecting the elemental monkeys, but I don't pick up everything I see of them, only neat things. My favourite of the three is Pansear, then Panpour. C:

Lookie look! Lots of blue, and other colours too. x) The custom pipecleaner Vaporeon is just amazing, I got her from an artist alley seller at a Finnish anime convention! Also, the minicot set is so gosh darn adorable, I can't take it! <3

And the rest! I don't really have much to say about these guys, as I haven't been collecting most of them for long. Loving all of them, though! <3 (Also, need more Mienfoo & Mienshao!)

Moving on to the plush section! There are four 'slots' filled with plushies, but since only three have Pokemon in them, I won't be showcasing the fourth~ The first one has Eeveelution Canvas plushies as well as Suzunari plushies of the first gen 'vees + Vulpix! In the back you can also see other favourites of mine - elemental monkeys & Dewott Pokecen plushies, and Ampharos Canvas.

Vulpixes and Terriers and other monsters too, aw yeah! <3 Also a Pokemon Mate mug, haha! I decided to showcase the most amazing Vulpix plush ever, the big one in the back! She's a mirage plush, and there aren't too many of her out there. To be honest, to this day I still haven't seen another one. :O She actually has pretty legit looking tags! The Winter Vulpix plush I got recently from toda. I think she's made by glacidea! And so is the Pokedoll-style Herdier in the back! Seriously one of my favourite plushies, too bad you can't see her too well here, but you can check glacidea's photos here.

Also yay for two random weasels! If you've really had time and interest to read through everything I've typed here, you probably remember what I said about the Bagon and Salamence figures above - well, the reason for me to start collecting the Mienfoo line is pretty similar! My RP character got a Mienfoo, and I somehow started adoring the little weasel, haha. :'D

The last Pokemon section (with a few random guys!) of this shelf! Cute Miltanks (custom Pokedolls are by system69!), a couple of Oshawotts and Sneasels and Audinos... and WHAT'S THAT! That in the right corner! :O The most adorable Mawile ever made by cwinget! It's too bad that Mawile doesn't have an official plush, but this little guy makes up for it! <3 I've named him Cheat after my awesome in-game Mawile, hehe~ I'm so original with nicknames sometimes! I tend to name all my plushies, btw, but recently I've had so many new ones come in that I haven't had the time! Will have to catch up later and someday introduce you to EVERYONE. OK, maybe not, there are wayyyy too many, as you're about to see...

YEAH, it doesn't end here! I have a closet full of plushies, mostly Pokemon! It's very messy, please don't kill me, haha. You probably won't even be able to see everyone, there are quite a lot of smaller ones hiding under the elemental monkeys, for example. x____x

The lowest section can be seen here, as I couldn't fit everything in the same photo, lol. lots of custom plushies here! And the sleeping Oshawott's head, haha. Just look at the big Herdier custom plush, she's cute and soft! I don't know if I've showed her off earlier, hm. It really has been ages since I updated!

There, a proper photo of him! He doesn't fit in the shelf so he sleeps on a cardboard box. Not the most comfortable place, probably, but I never hear him complain so yeah! This plush is SO SOFT and amazing. So so so huggable.

Here, have some bad quality closeups if you may:

That Mudkip is amazing! And poor Flygon has a scarf because he can't support his head anymore. :'<

Halloween Espeon and Umbreon hiding!

lol poor Jakks Leafeon.

Poor Audinos, been pushed into the corner. :'D Oh oh oh, and look, I tuned my bootleg Vaps a bit, she has toes! Too bad you can't see them all that well, though!

Teehee. The adorable Vulpix and Sneasel head pillows were made by ambertdd!

OH GOD I NEED MORE SPACE (yay for Justin chilling on talky Oshawott's head, and Feena hiding behind it)

These share their room with Kyubeys, oh dear. The Tomy Vulpix is one of my most prized plush, I looked for one for ages before finally getting her about two years ago! <3 Thinking about that still makes me feel all giddy. <3

These two here are my very first custom plushies! Onnetar (Finnish for 'Lady Luck') is very soft and beautifully made, and Celia is very big and huggable! Love them both so much. *u*

This plush also deserves some attention, but I forgot to take a new better pic so have an old one:

She's made by a very talented plush artist who doesn't take commissions anymore. <3 This beauty's name is Aamu, which is a Finnish word for morning, and also a common girl's name. C:

Also, THIS:

Neiti Pikku (Little Miss), my lifesized Vulpix posing with the Tomy plush! She's way too huge to fit in the shelves, so I keep her elsewhere. :< I'm actually running out of space (as you've probably seen already, lol), and have been thinking about letting her go... Please feel free to express interest if you think you might want to adopt her! She's made of minky or something very similar, and is very huggable!

Thanks for looking! <3 Feel free to check out my sales post, too:

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  • Help! Real or fake?

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