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Super quick Pokedoll Figure GB!

Hiya! I am bringing you a super quick pokedoll Figure GB! The listing is ending in 24 hours so let's hope we get every claimed ASAP (: I will purchase the lot as soon as everything is claimed.

- The lot is listed on YJ with a BIN of 1800 yen, so it would be 300 yen for each figure!
- There will be 2 payments only, to save pp fees for every participants:
Payment 1: Your Initial bid + shipping to deputy (+ pp fees)
Payment 2: Shipping from deputy to me + shipping from me to you (+pp fees)

- A pretty educated GUESS would be AROUND $7-$8 for first payment, and shipping from deputy to me should be around $3 per figure. These are rough guesses so it might cost more or less than that!
- I ship from Hong Kong via standard airmail, expect shipping to you to be around $3 each in bubble mailer with box flattened. Note that if you want tracking it would be an additional $2 if you have any concerns, shipping in a box would be much more expensive.
- All claims are final! Please pay within 48 hours after I give you your total, failure to do so and I will leave negative feedback!
- Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11, feedback here

Thanks everyone!

Chikorita: eledora
Pikachu: samurwatt
Psyduck: caryh
Meowth: poliwhirl
Croagunk: samurwatt
Torchic: happy_cupcake

All claimed and lot purchased! I post the totals once I got the invoice (:

Edit 1 (6/9/2012)

I have received an invoice from Noppin, total comes to $40.47 which means $6.745 per figure.

invoice: here and here

So here's your total after paypal fees:

eledora: $7.34
samurwatt: $14.36
caryh: $7.34
happy_cupcake: $7.34

Please send payment to swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com and include in the title and memo [pokedoll figure GB payment 1][your username]

Thanks very much :D

Edit 2 (25/9/2012)

I have gotten the package and here's the final total for everyone. Noppin was moving office so it took longer than usual for them to process anything >u>

Anyway, here's your final total!

This total includes shipping from Noppin to me ($2.13 per figure) + shipping from me to you + paypal fees.
(For some reason I couldn't upload the screenshot from my work computer, if you want it I can email to you ^^;)

eledora: $3.57
samurwatt: $8.38
caryh: $5.12
happy_cupcake: $5.12

Please note that I ship from Hong Kong and I will be shipping the figures in bubble mailer with box flattened via airmail. It takes roughly 2-3 weeks to reach Europe and US. Note that I cannot provide proof of shipping, tracking is available for just an extra $2 to your total if you have any concern (and remember to say that you add tracking in the memo ;P).

Please send all payment to swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com
and include in the title and memo [Pokedoll GB][username][item won]!

Thanks a lot everyone!

Tags: group auction

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