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swampert pokedoll offers reminder

Hey guys! Quick reminder - I'll be ending offers on a Swampert pokedoll and Jessie, James, Ash, Tracy, and Misty Tomy minifigures by Friday night (EST) so get your offers in if you're interested! All but Misty and Swampert are at the start price. I also have a ton of stuff available in my main sales post! I need to cut down on stock there, so feel free to haggle on anything C:

Click HERE or on the pictures above to get to the offers post!

Quick note to anyone that bought from my sales the other day - I was hoping to have them sent out by today, but my printer ran out of ink while printing the second label B( Hoping my replacement ink gets here soon so I can get labels printed and shipped!

And wants! I'm looking for a Pachirisu plush or two! The DX Banpresto plush would be great but I'm not sure how hard to come by those are. Looking to pay around $20 for a large Pachirisu. If you have a Pachirisu collection, I'd love to see a photo so I can get a better idea of plush size in relation to each other C: Thanks!
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