sleepypikachu (sleepypikachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG stuffies and a sorry request

I've gotten into the TCG again. Hooray! That's good, right? (Wallet: "Nooo!!")
It's fun. It's interactive. It's Pokemon! *nerd*

That also means that there are lots of fun, nifty TCG related items I can buy and collect!
Oh boy!

I'm interested in looking at what Pokemon themed playmats, deck boxes, sleeves, dice pouches, etc. are for sale or trade!! Show me what you've got, please? :D

Also, anyone here play the TCG? XD
I'd love to hear what type of deck(s) you're running and maybe advice for a returning newb.

Second - I'm hosting a launch party at my GameStop for the release of Black and White 2! WAHOO!
I'm way too excited!
Few things... I'm doing a coloring contest (like I did last year) and I'm searching for some fun Pokemon coloring pages. I know Worlds gave some away and it would be absolutely AMAZING if any of you had these pages that could scan them for me (Or any awesome Pokemon coloring pages!). I hate to ask and be a nuisance, but I know the kids would love them.

Since I'm on topic about the release of BW2, does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do for fun and what sort of (affordable/free) prizes I can make available? I really appreciate your help!

**Sorry if this is off-topic! I can remove/edit it if necessary. **

Thanks everyone for reading.
Hope you are all doing well!

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