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Jirachi wants and collection post

Hi everyone i was bored so i thought i would post a collection update. so if you dont know already i collect jirachi and bellossom mainly jirachi she is soo cute.oh thats a point QUESTION What is the favorite part of you favorite pokemon? is it there mouth nose, a certain move,what??? See i think my favorite part of jirachi is her..... oh what do you call them ... not wish tags..... the two long yellow  wing rhing which i think make her look like a cape :) and rap around her when she sleeps( im sorry if im getting this wrong ive never seen the film so my knowledge is only from collecting, england isn't great for being able to get pokemon dvds off the high street)

anyway back to the point .... my collection.... well here it is.

So this is it at the moment i realy want more jirachi stuff so as i always say if you have any jirachi items let me know and ill probs buy it. my pride and joy is my 1:1 talking jirachi who goes everywhere with me and is the only plush i snuggle at night XD.
I also love my recall jirachi plush who is very cute and like a mini jirachi 1:1
Actually i love this is just something about it that i like its got a cute little jirachi in it soo cute

Apart from my jirachi collection i have my bellossoms

im not as keen as some of the bellossom stuff so my collection isnt as big she sometimes looks durpy
i realy wish they made a bellossom pokedoll she would be cute im just glad she is still in games.
if anyone thinks they could make me a bellossom pokedoll and hs sales permission let me know. well im not going into the rest of my collection as ive done them before and nothing has changed really.
well while im here ill do a wants list to see if anyone has any of these:

minky jirachi pokedoll

jirachi clearfile

jirachi pensil topper

small magnet

tomy plush not sure what exactly whatthese plush are but id love them as long as the bottom one is minky

Thankyou for view my post and please excuse any spelling mistakes as my keybord is playing up

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