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~SlothyShroom Wants and Questions~

So, I'm still waiting on a TON of new items to hit my mailbox so I'm going to save what I do have for later. In the meantime, I haven't did a MAJOR want post in a while. c: My list is getting smaller and smaller it seems but I'm sure that will change once the eevee craze hits this holiday. x_x Anyway! I'm not out to buy EVERYTHING here all at once, I doubt I'll be presented with most of it but whatever you do have, I'm sure I'll snag. :3 Anything you wonderful members can lead me to will be most appreciated. I'll be happy if I get at least one thing off my list today. Come see, come see! <3


*Swimming Milotic Zukan
This is my zukan grail at the moment. It will take a bit of searching to get it but I'm hopeful and willing to pay tha big munnies. 

*Ninetails Zukan

I've just finished collecting all of Norman's team in zukan form and decided I'd want to do the same for May's pokemon team next! So I'm looking for the following zukan to start!
*Eevee/Glaceon/Leafeon Zukan

*Vensaur line Zukan

*Wrumple Line Zukan

*Skitty Line Zukan

*Blaziken Line Zukan/Or Blaziken solo piece
I really don't care what set I get as long as I get a Blaziken in the end. 

*Charmander + Wartortle Zukan Pieces
I just recently received a charizard/charmeleon zukan set but it didn't come with little char. I've been after Wartortle for quite sometime and would love to get him seperate from the line. 


*Krookodile MPC
I missed out on getting this one during pick-ups, I'm also considering getting a Virzion mpc if anyone has one. 

*Meowth Pokedoll
I've always wanted to get a Meowth pokedoll but I don't want the plush plush. How rare are the normal Meowths?
I don't normally see this guy around in sales some great info on this guy would really help, or leading me to where I could get one. 

~Luxray (Non Shiny Banpresto) Plush
I'm OCD and had a Luxray with no tags, I'd really like to get him again but with BOTH his hang and tush tag, if you please. 


*Emonga Soap Figure
;A; WAAAAAAA, I can't find this figure ANYWHERE, I've been looking for it since the beginning of the year. Please, someone has to have it to sell! I really want to take this off my want page. 

*Emonga Paper Mask

*Emonga Pink Foam Stamper

*This Emonga Pan Sticker

Since I just finished collecting everything I wanted for Norman, May's dad. I thought I'd collect the major items I wanted of May herself. :3 It would be cool to get a hold of any of these items. <3

*May Keychain w/ Torchic or Flygon

*May Bandana

*May Lego


*Crobat Tomy
Someone out there has to have/lead me to this tomy. Its the last one I neeeeeeeeed.

*Alternate Pose Sneasel Tomy


*Any of these flats or any that are not displayed on my collection website. 

*Any Emonga, Sloth line, Breloom line or Mien line not already displayed on my website! Please don't be afraid to show me. <3


*This Vigoroth, along with Slakoth, Slaking or Shroomish settei
I've been waiting and searching through sales post for any sign of these three settei sheets....I need my paper babies.... ;3; They are major grails, yes.

*Slakoth and Slaking AG Retsuden Stamps
Oh god, these are holy holy grails for me...I've only ever seen both ONCE out of all the years I've been collecting them. I'm so close and will pay you big, big money for them! Seriously.

*This Slakoth metal figure but in the following colors below:

Oh my baby Slakoth! I will complete your set of metal figures someday! These colors are the ones I need to complete such a difficult task. Help!

*May's Wishmaker
My May grail! It would be nice to find this with the packaging since its gorgeous. :3 I'd be willing to drop a load of cash on this. 

 So, anyone out there want to help a sister out? :3 


So, a couple of days ago someone had spotted these Toy Factory Emonga's at a local fair/theme park and I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to do pick-ups or had any to sell? I really want to get every size for my sky squirrel...every size. Let me know!

Thanks for the help! Happy collecting. 


Tags: beautifly, blaziken, breloom, bulbasaur, charmander, crobat, delcatty, emolga, feebas, glaceon, ivysaur, krookodile, leafeon, luxray, mienshao, milotic, mpc, people, plush, shroomish, skitty, slaking, slakoth, venusaur, vigoroth, virizion, vulpix, wanted, wartortle, zukan

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