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Some Gets, Wants and Tales From Alfred!

Hey everybody! I'm excited to finally have time to show off some pictures from my birthday weekend trip to NYC! But most of all just to show of my VERY FIRST TRAVEL BUDDY which I got on the same trip! :D His name's Alfred! And he is iconicly a...

PIDOVE! >u< What better Pokemon could there be for fun times in the big city? But enough of me talking about it! I figure I'll let him tell you himself!

  "Oh, um, what? Well.. I suppose I wouldn't mind talking about the journey for a bit myself then. Though at least let me introduce myself properly first. My name is Alfred J. Pennyworth (If you can't tell my trainer still seems to be running off a Batman high from the movie release in July). You see I first met my new trainer in the New York City's Pokemon Center and if I must say she really wasted no time in starting our journey. I suppose in the same sense I'll waste none in telling you about it."

(And I'll also be tagging along down here, cause I would like to tell you a bit about stuff too! :D And funny captions. Mostly funny captions.)


  "I had never been on a subway before. They are obscenely hot and smell rather horrendous... of course that last part could be said for most of the streets above ground as well."



"I.. don't really have much to say about this one I'm afarid. My trainer insisted on taking it though. ..I don't know who's drink that is. I didn't really want to stand next to it."

(Payphones. Don't see much of those around anymore.)


"My, it sure is crowded in the big city..."

(I can't even begin to tell you how many weird looks we got on the street corner trying to take this picture. xD But here we go, Alfred in his natural habitat, with other pigeons!)

"Excuse me, but I am a pidove, not a 'pigeon.' " 


"Another one of the trainers had aquired an Entei along their travels that day as well. As much as I was hopeing this to be an honor.. Well I think Chad speaks for himself."

("Chad's the kind of Entei who's popular on the football team and who's parents let him throw crazy parties." <-- Quote from Chad's Trainer)  


"In truth though, I hadn't really been outside of the Center much at all before that day. So all the traveling was starting to really take its toll on me."

(We took a stop here on a stoop in St.Marks to take a breather after a long morning of flying/ walking. But we were still only halfway through!)


"Can't slow down, GOTTA QUENCH THAT THIRST!"

" -__- "

(That's Chad~! ;D)



"Eat human foot, ruffian!!"

(Eventually though Chad and Alfred started to become better friends, my guess was this happened mostly over a game of Street Fighter II !)

(We also found a little 7-11 on a street corner, which was for some reason exciting. :D There was also a guy passed out in front of it. I think he OD'd )

"I'd just like to point out that we did indeed infrom the paramedics. They assured us that he was likely fine."



"One thing I wasn't excited about was taking the subway again. But I do suppose it beats flying."

(There were giant cockroaches and it was awesome!! :D )



"These prices are excellent as well, and everything looks exquisite!"

(After we got off the subway we spent a good while shopping in China Town, and finished up with eating at a small restaruant we found! The food there was really delicious too! :D )



And I finally really wraped up that day by coming home and taking a picture of my recents gets at the time as well as all of the Pokemon loot I got in the city that day. x) One of my favorites being a custom Magikarp plush I got from herar which I absolutely LOVE TO DEATH. (I named him Carl.)


And that's about it. C= In a few more weeks me and Alfred will be going back to the city for more adventures! This time hopefully in Central Park! I hoped you liked hearing about our day, both me and Alfred would love to hear feedback from you guys on if we should do more of these!

"And I personally hope that we didn't end up wasteing your time!"

Also, finally I am looking to buy a Bootleg Umbreon Pokedoll. I would perfer to spend $10 or less on it shipped. I'd also perfer that it'd not look extremely derpy, and a hangtag would be a plus. c: Drop me a comment if you have one for sale or know of an ebayer who would be good to buy one from and not have it get here looking super derpy looking. xD I just need it as a gift for a friend who's not really a hardcore collector but would appreciate it for being Umbreon and cute. Thanks!


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